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Welcome to eBill!

If you have an established account with East Peace Gas Co-op Ltd, you can receive your invoices by ebilling.  By receiving it through ebilling, you will never have missed invoices.

It’s easy to get started.  If you’ve never registered before, registration is fast and convenient.  You’ll need your Name as it appears on your bill, your billing address, your Account Number as it appears on your bill, your pin number that shows on an invoice and your email address. You’ll create your own personal User Name and Password and, when completed, a confirmation email will be sent to you indicating that you are now registered.  Once registered, all you’ll need is your User Name and Password to access your account.  If after one hour after registering you have not received a confirmation email, check your junk or spam email.

After you have registered, you will be able to view your bills after the next billing cycle.  The invoices you will see are those from that cycle onward.  You will not be able to see bills that were issued prior to signing up.

If you have any addition inquiries please contact us at 780-837-8888.


If you wish to pay your invoices using a credit card it is available at

When you are at our website, select View Your Bill.  It will take you to a page to either view ebills or pay by credit card. 

Click on OPTION PAY on the right side.  You will be redirected to page for entering information.  Enter credit card #, name on card, and expiration of card and CVV number.

Enter amount paying, you will notice that there is a load fee. (this is the amount that the credit card company charges for using the card. East Peace does not pay this fee, anyone wanting to pay using a credit card pays this fee that is generated by the amount be paid.)  Enter your account number or invoice number, enter receipt email, and then authorize.  Then submit Payment.  You will note that in the authorization it states that on your statement it will say East Peace Gas Co-op Ltd. 

If further help is require, please contact us at 780-837-8888 or email to