Nomination Forms

Directors & Staff


Board of Directors:
Chairman:  Gerard Noel
Vice Chair:  Lawrence Stilling
Directors: Terry Ollenberger

Francis Cloutier
  Justin Gour
  Kevin Krall 
  Roger Guerette 


Manager:  Dale Dupuis
Field Supervisor:
Paul Tanguay 
Office Supervisor:  Rachel Cloutier 
Service Tech:  Bernard Parker 
  Gilbert Roy 
Andrew Parker
 Office Assistant Crystal Garand

Applying as Directors


    Written nominations for a Director position must be received by the Gas Co-op office ten (10) days prior to the Annual General Meeting (AGM) to be considered for the election.  Supporting nomination signatures shall be from the zone for which the member is seeking to be elected.  In the absence of eligible nominations having been received ten (10) or more days prior to the AGM, nominations will be permitted from the floor.  The said nomination forms will be made available during regular office hours from the East Peace Gas Co-op office upon member request or download nomination forms.